woensdag 24 februari 2010

Cornerview - Straat / Street

Please visit the Talented
and SuperColourFull
Katie Sokoler

She's definitely My Kind of Girl!

Watch This MiniDocumentary

all images by Katie

Walk the Streets of my
CvFriends at Jane's
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37 opmerkingen:

la lune dans le ciel zei

magique !like you !;)

pien zei


Tolliez zei

Wat een SUPER geweldig leuke, vrolijke en maffe ideeën heeft die Katie op haar blogje.
Thanks voor de link!

Renske zei

Dat was nou precies wat ik nodig had vandaag!!!

Greetje zei

Echt leuk !

Demara zei

totally my kind of girl too!! wow. LOVE IT

isabelle zei

great ... I love the idea !!

Barbara zei

Ooooh dit is goed zeg!

denise zei

i love that idea - color, art, light. :)

Cate zei

you two are soul sisters! love all of these (of course).


C.T. zei

Fun fun fun! Maakt me helemaal vrolijk :-D

janis zei

Imagination and play, I love that!

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem zei

Great colours and a super idea.

Bichos da Matos zei

I'm curious to see more!

Crescent Moon zei

My son really likes those shoes.

Annabel zei

Your right! Very colorful!

Joyce zei

You gotta love a gal that has color to her step. Very cool! xo

Juniper zei

Very cool, love when people feel the need to do something a little out of the ordinary, and it spills over and brightens the day of others. Am sure her steps have put a smile on more than few people's faces.

kenza zei


Cabrizette zei

Excellent Daan !!! c'est joyeux !

Le blÖg d'Ötli zei

Follow the colors ! Brilliant and beautiful idea !

Anna zei

Heerlijk Daan, ik blijf maar kijken naar al die fijne vrolijke posts! De No Pants Subway Ride is ook geweldig! ;-)
(en jullie hebben uiterlijk zelfs wel wat van elkaar...)

Theresa zei

You're so cool and unique!

jgy zei


Tania zei

That there, is just too ridiculously excellent!!! (thanks for the big grin).

Patricia zei

Love the Chalk Walk :)

ps. I'm tagging you!

Lollipop zei

I love this street, so colourful!!! just like you indeed!!!

Margreta, zei


la ninja zei

wow! how cool is that.

plus I just stopped by anna's and wrote about glow-in-the-dark-bubble-pink-and-glittery paint under your soles to leave foot prints wherever you've been. and now this. ha!

MODsquad zei

Genius!!! LOVE these shots! I'll check out her link...

MODsquad zei

Ok, her documentary was AWEOME!!! How cute and clever she is!!

Cobalt Violet zei

Cool colorful streetview! Love the footprints and shiny car compositions! Plus, awesome Converse.

likeschocolate zei

I love it!

Nien zei

... en dan te bedenken dat ze bijna gestopt was door één chagerijnig oud mannetje...

Dorte zei

Brilliant ...

trinsch zei


jane zei