woensdag 18 november 2009

Cornerview - Five random picture's ...

with a Cellphone
when Someone could have Called me
if i had a Cellphone ...

picture's taken with The Tall Singer's Iphone
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27 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Lovely pictures...no cellphone!
You are so lucky!!!

Kari zei

great pictures. Love the chooks!!

jane zei

i love seeing what you get up to during the day! besos!

anna zei

leuk om even mee te spieken in jouw dag en wat is die onderste lief zeg!

Bree zei


ik heb ook geen mobieltje!
en overwogen het met die lange [man, chris, 1.98] zn iphone te schieten. heb mn digicanon toch maar genomen...


la ninja zei

pollos! cool, zeg.

en tja, als je het mobieltje van iemand anders kan jaten, da's toch mooi?

ninja likey :)

sanneke zei

Hé sexy, maar goed dat je geen mobieltje hebt, hij zou vast de hele dag roodgloeiend staan. ;)

Francesca zei

Hello Daan, lovely to see you?

Anoniem zei

leuke plaatjes, vooral die van jou en de kippies. Wat wordt je haar al lang, zeg!

Lollipop zei

mooie kippen ;-)
nice photos...

Jodi zei

a great collection!!!

Kimmie zei

I love the chickens :)

Di zei

I love the hens!! Great photos!

Dana zei

So many ladies this week who are not regular cell phone addicts. nice.

MyrtilleD zei

Nice post and great pictures! Though i have a cellphone i don't use it a lot so i too took pictures as if someone called me... but i didn't say it ;-)

Joyce zei

very creative my friend. great photos. xo

Cate zei

ok, now i really have a girl/mama crush on you. how do you get through without one?

Crescent Moon zei

I love that these picture were taken during imaginary cellphone calls! I think those are the best kind of calls. They always bring good news.

Anoniem zei

Joli travail Daan !! Are you an apple addict ???

;) zei

I think our cell phones became real camera !!! Your pictures are very good and funny !

Elizabeth zei

great pictures -- I especially love the last one -- there's an energy to it that's beautiful...

Conny zei

I really enjoyed your Corner View today. Such quick thinking on your part - to borrow a cell phone from a friend for this week's CV.

Cheers ~ Conny

Dorte zei

Great post - love the one with the chickens!

Hammie Hamster zei

Mooie CV! Enne... zo'n "appeltje" wil ik ook wel ;-)! Gea

Palmer and Co zei

No cell... you are so lucky! Love the first picture! You look freaking fantastic in that 4th one! Woo - Hoo!!

shayndel zei

Really fun perspective.
Makes me think of the song
"if I had a cell phone..."*!
(really it's "if i had a hammer..."
but is fun to imagine filling your photos as lyrics in a song with that title*!)
Happy weekend to you:)

WierHier zei

... die 2e foto... dat is maar een 1/2 uurtje bij mij vandaan Daan:)

strak jurkje trouwens